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Induction furnaces INDEMAK
  • Induction melting furnace
  • No Bake moulding line.
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Moulding line HWS HSP-3
  • Moulding plant FOUNDRY AUTOMATION
  • Core shooter HOT BOX.
  • Automaic moulding line
  • Core shooter Laempe L5
  • Rotary melting furnaces
  • Continious mixer
  • Shot blasting machine ROSLER
  • Core sand plant
  • Shot blasting machine AGTOS
  • DISAMATIC 2130
  • DISAMATIC 2013
  • Continuous mixer Axmann
Induction furnaces INDEMAK

     Founded 2006, Indemak has become a well-known company in its region in a short period of time. Main reasons behind this success are the ability of combining the years of experience and know-how with new technology and keeping the customer satisfaction above all.
     Indemak, operating in its modern facility over 5000 m2 area, manufactures middle frequency induction furnaces ranging from 10kg to 30 tons capacity. Besides induction furnaces, pipe and billet heating units are also being manufactured.
     Indemak has offices in many countries with many satisfied clients around the world.
     On the other hand, Indemak is cooperating with Pourtech-AB from Germany for heated and unheated bottom and tilted pouring furnaces for larger foundries and casting lines.
     Besides, Indemak offers spare part, consultancy and technical support service for furnaces
from all brands.


The main advantages are the energyefficience, simple operation and maintenance:


Technical Specifications and Advantages

• Lower energy consumption
• %97 electrical efficiency
• 0,98 power factor
• Microprocessor programmable single main control board
• Computer adjusted control board
• PLC software with multiple input – outputs
• Failure control and program upload via the internet
• Soft start
• LCD monitoring
• Perfect inverter control features
• Software for automatic sintering
• KWH energy consumption display on LCD
• Software controlled additional ground leakage detection
• Less harmonic feedback to the electrical network via stable DC inverter
• Lower assembly costs
• Closed circuit cooling advantage
• Smaller installation area
• Faster and economical maintenance
• Each side sliding control cabinet for easy maintenance.


Protection Systems

• Inverter and rectifier section over current
• Main fuse broken
• Unit water low pressure
• Unit water flow
• Unit water over heating
• Furnace water over heating
• Furnace water flow
• Furnace water pressure
• Thyristor over heating
• General electronics faults
• Capacitor / door switches
• Furnace transfer circuit breakers
• Cabinet inside over heating
• Line current amper balance control
• Soft start beginning
• Rectifier thyristors-adjustable stopping
time for protection
• There are many digital alarms and warning inputs that can be added
• There are many analog alarms and warning inputs that can be added
• The above protection systems are existing
on units




A distinctive feature is DUET POWER system.

Duet power contains one common rectifier section and 2 equal power inverter units in the
same cabinet. Total line power is shared between two separate inverters. Operator can adjust the power automatically between two furnaces. The common application is, when you
are melting with one furnace at the maximum power, pouring the hot metal with the other
furnace at the same time.

The Advantages of Duet Power Unit

• Simultaneous melting opportunity in two separate furnaces
• Opportunity to supply the desired furnaces with total mains power
• Keeping the pouring temperature stable in one of the furnaces while melting at maximum
power in the other
• Opportunity for saving time equal to return time and consequently, increasing pouring capacity
• Two separate inverter power at the same power in one power unit
• Opportunity for making melting in one of the furnaces in case of a malfunction in the other
• Continuous hot metal flowing
• Short time sintering opportunity with hot molten metal
• Opportunity for transmitting total mains power up to 0 %-100 % to the two furnaces without
using a switch
• %97 electrical efficiency
• 0,98 power factor
• 12 - 24 pulse rectifier above 1500KW
• Low power consumption (kWh / ton)


The technical characterictics, layout, complete list can be manufactured according to request.

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