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Core sand preparation plant
  • Induction melting furnace
  • No Bake moulding line.
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Moulding line HWS HSP-3
  • Moulding plant FOUNDRY AUTOMATION
  • Core shooter HOT BOX.
  • Automaic moulding line
  • Core shooter Laempe L5
  • Rotary melting furnaces
  • Continious mixer
  • Shot blasting machine ROSLER
  • Core sand plant
  • Shot blasting machine AGTOS
  • DISAMATIC 2130
  • DISAMATIC 2013
  • Continuous mixer Axmann
Core sand preparation plant
Foundry equipment - Sand Mixers
Wednesday, 23 July 2014 20:01

Core sand preparation plant


YOM 2000

Technical details:

steel construction to support sand silo, sand hopper, continuous mixer and additive storage binssand silo with top filter

pneumatic filling

level indicators

top exhaust filter with cleaning cylinder

conical part with sideward discharge flanges and manual flaps

• volume app. 4 m?

• nominal diameter ? 1.500 mm

• height cylindrical part 1.500 mm

• height conical part app. 1.000 mm

• total height app. 6.000 mm

Chromite sand addition

driven trolley, Manufacturer FYNS KRAN UDSTVR A/S, load capacity max. 1600 kg(driven by means of a horizontal mounted electric chain hoist)

electric chain hoist, Manufacturer STAR LIFTKET, with Big-Bag-lifting beam, load capacity max. 1300 kg

collecting funnel for new and chromite sand with pneumatic slides and flap

pneumatic conveyor vessel

pneumatic pipe works with switches and pinch valves

electric control unit

Divided sand hopper:

pneumatic filling,level indicators, two separated discharge flanges

Dosing bin with pneumatic slides

Continuous mixer



Serial no. FMS1055

single articulated style, stationary column style

pneumatic swivelling drive with position limit switches

• capacity 3 - 4 t/h

• radius app. 1.200 mm

• discharge height 3.750 mm

• power ratingsmixer 4,0 kWdosing pump hardener 0,18 kWdosing pump catalyst 0,18 kW

• operating voltage 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz

• control voltage 24 V, 50 Hz

• air pressure 6 - 8 bar

• electric control unit


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