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Core shooter Cold box. Laempe 40/65L.
  • Induction melting furnace
  • No Bake moulding line.
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Moulding line HWS HSP-3
  • Moulding plant FOUNDRY AUTOMATION
  • Core shooter HOT BOX.
  • Automaic moulding line
  • Core shooter Laempe L5
  • Rotary melting furnaces
  • Continious mixer
  • Shot blasting machine ROSLER
  • Core sand plant
  • Shot blasting machine AGTOS
  • DISAMATIC 2130
  • DISAMATIC 2013
  • Continuous mixer Axmann
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Core shooter Cold box. Laempe 40/65L.
Foundry equipment - Used core shooters
Saturday, 28 June 2014 16:33

Manufacturer LAEMPE Type L 40/65 

Built in 2009 / first installation 2011 

 o automatic manufacturing of cores by cold processes (for example CO2, Cold-Box, SO2) 

o vertical and/or horizontal core box partition o complete safety housing with limit switches 

o clamping and separating devices 

o vacuum clamping technology with vacuum pump 

o discharge slide with lifting cylinder 

o gassing plate o gassing unit, Manufacturer LAEMPE, Type LG 1,5“ 

o sand compensation hopper with filling level indication 

o core sand mixer, Manufacturer LAEMPE, Type SM7-3,0 

o sand dosing bin 

o volumetric additives dosage 

o core sand distribution, Manufacturer LAEMPE, Type LS 5.5 

o sand filling funnel with jolter 

o compressed air bin 

o hydraulic aggregate 

o steel support construction with walk-on platform 

o electric PLC-control, Manufacturer SIEMENS, Type Simatic S7-300  

Technical details:

• shooting volume 40 l 

• sand weight app. 55 kg 

• shooting area ? 700 mm 

• clamping pressure 30600 daN 

• core box length vertical/horizontal 300-600/1190 mm 

• core box width 1200 mm • core box height 535-900 mm


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